Friday, March 11, 2005

Sculpture: Raven's Stone

"Raven's Stone" (click image to enlarge)

I designed this piece with outstretched arms, so that the new owner can contribute to the look of the piece by hanging their own necklaces & pendants on them. Ravens & crows, of course, are known for their fascination with bright, shiny things - so I gave this one a large brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stone glittering in his beak.

The piece is constructed of ebonized oak, with carved composite gold-leaf accents. The Raven scene is carved in deep relief in basswood, and painted with acrylic. The base contains a layer of polished black beach pebbles.

This piece is still available at $5,800 - Email me for details.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jewelry Art: Jonah

"Jonah": 14K gold pendant (click to enlarge)

"Jonah", a whimsical pendant in handwrought 14K gold, is inlaid with carved OLD ivory. The stomach is ebony, and Jonah is carved turquoise with an opal face. The whale's spout forms the bail, shown on old ivory beads, but would display well on a strand of pearls, too. The ocean waves are flush-inlaid royal blue Lapis Lazuli.
This one was SOLD some time ago, but I can make you a variation for about $2,800. (Note: Because ivory is restricted nowadays, I would probably use Fossil Walrus ivory instead)

Jewelry Art: Eye of Ra

"Eye of Ra" -(pendant: Click to enlarge)

"Eye of Ra" is another handwrought gold pendant with sugilite inlay, and a triangular amethyst; but this one is accented with 2 diamonds and a freshwater pearl. It hangs from a sugilite necklace with gold bead accents. The really different thing about the inlay on this pendant - though it doesn't really show up well in the photo - is that the sugilite pieces on the bottom are cut in little tablet shapes that overlay one another, almost like scales or shingles in three "courses", or layers. This was a totally original thought, and not one I had seen before. This one is SOLD, but a variation on this theme could be made for you, for about $5,500)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jewelry Art: Mystic

"Mystic": pin/ pendant (click to enlarge)

This is a pin/ pendant I crafted in Sterling silver, with accents in 14K + 24K gold. The body pattern was made by fusing 24K & 14K gold onto a sterling silver sheet, then rolling the assembly in a mill to create a flush, smooth surface, which I then treated with acid to create a rich patina on the metal. The inlay across the bottom of the body is African Sugilite, and the heart is a faceted amethyst, set in a gold bezel. I carved the face out of a piece bamboo coral (so named because of it's shape & color), and the "crystal ball" is actually a rainbow moonstone. It stands about 4" tall. It features an enhancer bail, that allows it to be hung on a variety of necklaces, like pearls, liquid silver, etc. This one is SOLD, but a comparable piece would run about $2,200.