Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jewelry Art: Mystic

"Mystic": pin/ pendant (click to enlarge)

This is a pin/ pendant I crafted in Sterling silver, with accents in 14K + 24K gold. The body pattern was made by fusing 24K & 14K gold onto a sterling silver sheet, then rolling the assembly in a mill to create a flush, smooth surface, which I then treated with acid to create a rich patina on the metal. The inlay across the bottom of the body is African Sugilite, and the heart is a faceted amethyst, set in a gold bezel. I carved the face out of a piece bamboo coral (so named because of it's shape & color), and the "crystal ball" is actually a rainbow moonstone. It stands about 4" tall. It features an enhancer bail, that allows it to be hung on a variety of necklaces, like pearls, liquid silver, etc. This one is SOLD, but a comparable piece would run about $2,200.

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