Sunday, February 27, 2005

Credenza: Evermore, Nevermore

"Evermore, Nevermore" (credenza) (click image to enlarge)

Left Panel close-up

Right Panel close-up

Turquoise Mosaic Knob close-up Posted by Hello

This piece is a decorative Credenza (sideboard) custom-made for a client in Scottsdale. Titled "Evermore, Nevermore", it is about 5 feet long by 1 foot wide. I used solid oak for the structure of the piece, textured to emphasize the grain, and ebonized black. The panels were carved in deep relief in basswood, and polychromed in acrylic with composite gold-leaf accents. The knobs were created by first carving the faces in river-rock, and then cutting & fitting turquoise stones, piece by piece, to cover the surface.... the assemblies were then ground, carved & polished as a single large stone, and then mounted in a handmade siver bezel and suspended slightly above the surface of the panel. A turquoise cabochon set in silver accents the center post. A comparable piece would run in the neighborhood of $20,000.


iesje76 said...

This is made with love.
The energy of the turqoise stones
(especially those in the left panel) is pleasant to receive.
It softens.
I hope the owner knows he has an altar that's wonderfully in balance. My compliments.

" Quoth the raven, Nevermore "

David Lloyd Stewart said...

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad it communicates to you.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Hi David,
I came across your blog after reading your comments on Duane Keiser's blog. Then I realized you are also here in Albuquerque! Your work is absolutely stunning!! I only wish I wasn't a poor artist so I could afford some for myself! Anyway, just wanted to say hi, from another Albuquerque artist!