Monday, February 21, 2005

Jewelry Art: Sylvanspell

"Sylvanspell" (click to enlarge)

Possibly the largest necklace I've ever made, titled "Sylvan Spell". This was a combination of one-of-a-kind casting & handwrought components in Sterling Silver & 14K gold, inlaid with a variety of stones. Each leaf is actually 2 stones cut together in aesthetic combinations of color: turquoise & tigereye, faustite & malachite, etc. The large stone at the bottom is a huge green turquoise nugget, overlaid with smaller turqoise stones forming a path leading up to the door, which is made of cocobolo wood set in gold. It opens up to reveal a tiny painting on a miniature linen canvas of the interior - including a little cat sitting on a rocking chair by the wee fireplace (inset). Each sprig of 3 or 4 leaves is a seperate link in the "chain" that supports the tree. Rather than hang such a heavy necklace on a chain, I designed a silver yoke to bear the weight comfortably. This piece SOLD for $13,500, but a similar necklace would be considerably more today.

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